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Banzai Jam N’ Slash Pool Hoops

 Banzai Jam N' Slash Pool Hoops Buy Now on Amazon.com

Banzai Jam N’ Slash Pool Hoops was listed on Amazon for $9.99, selling for $13.95 USD brand new. Manufactured by Banzai. There are 18 units left brand new.

Some great features of this product include:

  • Additionally the basketball goal is equipped with dual splash block hand and are powered by the garden hose for added fun and challenge.
  • 7″ diameter basketball made of extra thick PVC for extra weight.
  • It can also be used on the land as well as the pool.

Banzai Jam ‘N Splash Pool Hoops Includes No-Tip base and Basketball. Measures approximately 28″L x 21″ W x 36″ H
Contents include: 1 inflatable Basketball Hoop, 1 Inflatable Basketball, and 1 Repair patch

Banzai Jam N' Slash Pool Hoops

Buy Now on Amazon.com

Buy for $13.95 brand new

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